Monday, 8 August 2011


Jim Rogers: Stop Buying Gold; Buy Agriculture Stocks

Jim Rogers is good at what he does. Really good. This masterful investor co-founded with George Soros the Quantum Fund. A fund that posted astonishing returns of 4200% in 10 years, over the same period the S&P gained a mere 47%. Rogers retired 31 years ago in 1980 at the age of 37, but is still active as a private investor.
Clearly one of the most successful investors of all-time, Rogers buys value. Accordingly, in 1999, he predicted a  commodity bull market, raw material prices advancing for longer than in any previous uptrend led by gold and silver. At that time, gold was trading near its low at $252, the lowest real price in nearly a 100 years, and silver at $4, the LOWEST REAL PRISE 5000 YEAR.
Click on the chart "The real price of gold 1344-1988" for a larger image.
With gold up 650% from its lows and silver with an even greater gain – obviously Rogers was right.
Rogers has STOPED BUING GOLD "I wouldn't buy more gold and silver right now" "I don't like to jump on a moving bus". That doesn't mean Rogers is selling, he still believes that "gold is certainly going to go to $2,000 over the years; it looks like it's going to go much higher during the course of the bull market.". Even after soaring to an all-time high of$ 1678.25 on August 4th, 2011, Rogers thinks "gold prices are NOT IN DOBBLE because not everyone is buying yet". Right now Rogers is moving towards a greater commodity opportunity that he thinks offers the same kind of values that gold and silver did a decade

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